About TSP Watchdog

TSP WATCHDOG provides members with the information and tools they need to protect their TSP accounts from major market declines.

Our trend following system responds to actual market movements and lets members know when to get out of the market early enough to avoid major problems. But not only do we help members avoid major losses, we also help them make money when trends are positive by keeping them from jumping out of the market prematurely.


Scot Barringer has been an investment representative and advisor for over 35 years.  Through his decades of experience, he has focused much of his practice on retirement planning and conservative investment disciplines appropriate for retirement.  In 2011, he developed an investment discipline for the TSP using analytical tools widely used on Wall Street since the 1960’s.  In 2013, he founded the Federal Employee Retirement Center to provide federal employee benefits education.


Vince Bono has been helping federal employees improve their financial wellbeing since he graduated from Seton Hall Law School in 1974.  In 2000, he founded Federal Employee Advocates to help federal employees maximize their retirement benefits.  Over the years, he has delivered his Pre-Retirement Strategy webinars to 1.96 million federal employees.

When Scot and Vince met in 2013, they almost immediately recognized an opportunity to work together to bring Scot’s TSP investment strategy to Vince’s universe of federal employees.  TSP Watchdog was born.

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